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Lecture 8

BIOL 207 (09/27/13) Lecture 8: Usefulness of Gene Mutations | Lecture 9: Mendel Invents Genetics

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
Mike Harrington

BIOL 207 (September 27, 2013) Lecture 8: Usefulness of Gene Mutations | Lecture 9: Mendel Invents Genetics How do Geneticists Obtain Mutations  Spontaneous mutations? o Too rare (usually)  Exception: Drosophila  Mutant Screens? o Induce a lot of mutations and isolate individuals with desired mutation o Problem: Screening in multicellular organisms is A LOT more DIFFICULT than screening unicellular organisms  Good for bacteria though (ex. Screening auxotrophs of Neurospora) o Steps for screening of Drosophila:  1 – Expose male flies to mutagen through EMS in food or x-ray  EMS  point mutations  X-rays  deletions  Somatic mutations are interesting, but not what we want for the purpose of screening because the mutation dies with the individual… we’re interested in the germ line mutations here  Mate flies  Males have mutations that are both somatic AND germline o Why males?  So only one mutation is passed onto the offspring  Male flies can produce more offspring  Collect mutant flies  Individuals with desired phenotype are collect and made into a permanent stock while the others are discarded  Characterize mutant strains (via experimentation)  Targeted Gene Knockout? o Replace WT allele with mutant one o Example: Mice  Mutant strains lacked telomerase RNA  Result? DNA started losing telomeres and fusion of chromosomes with telomeres only on one side occurred (to make it so that there are telomeres on both ends) o Protein’s way of “fixing” this mutation  With enough time and money, you can create a mouse with any mutation I-Clicker Question: Q: You have isolated five mutant strains of Drosophila that all have the same mutant phenotype. How many different genes have you identified
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