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Lecture 14

BIOL 207 (10/11/13) Lecture 14: Mapping Genes with Meiotic Recombination

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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
Mike Harrington

BIOL 207 (October 11, 2013) Lecture 14: Mapping Genes with Meiotic Recombination  Crossover happens in almost all meiosis processes  Crossovers are detectable if one of the parents are heterozygous for 2+ gene o Coupling configuration  dominant alleles beside one another o Repulsion configuration  Dominant alleles are on opposing sides  Crossovers can be quantified w/ test cross o Crossed w/ [ab/ab] for autosomal o Crossed w/ [ab/Y] for sex-linked (on x-chromosome)  Genetic maps o Ex.  Genetic Crossing… spermatogenesis vs. oogenesis (Ex. Human chr # 12) o Spermatogenesis crossover frequency is less than oogenesis  Why?  The gene map for human chromosome 12 is larger for females than it is for males o The frequency of crossovers occurring is proportional to the length of the gene map  Calculated RF’s NEVER exceed 50% o If two genes are 70mu apart, the RF is 50%... NOT 70% Mapping Genes in Model Organisms Genetic marker = detectable mutation of a known gene  Gene mapping via SEVERAL two-point test crosses  Example question: o We have a mutation on gene M (mutation = m) o We have genetic markers A
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