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Lecture 14

BIOL 207 (10/16/13) Lecture 14: Mapping Genes with Meiotic Recombination | Lecture 15: Human Pedigree Analysis - Part 1

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
Mike Harrington

BIOL 207 (October 16, 2013) Lecture 14: Mapping Genes with Meiotic Recombination (con’t) Lecture 15: Human Pedigree Analysis – Part 1  Human HTT gene (OMIM) o Cytogenetic map  4p16 o Genomic Map  n/a o Sequence map  chr 4; 30xxxxx-32xxxxxx  Drosophila white gene o Cytogenetic map  3B6 o Genomic map  1-1.5 o Sequence map  chr X;264xxxxx,269xxxxx Lecture 15 Start Mendelian genetics versus human genetics  Studying Human Heredity Difficulties o No humans are pure-breeding o Crosses cannot be controlled in humans o Humans do not have a lot of children Studying Human Heredity  Study the family tree  Determine phenotypes o Identify families that have what resembles a Mendelian cross Tree Nomenclature and Symbols  Filled-in in black = affected individual  White = unaffected individual  Circle = female  Square = male  Diamond = gender unknown  Horizontal lines ( ) = mating  (horizontal + vertical line)= siblings  = fraternal twins  = identical twins ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* *** I-Clicker Question: A woman is pregnant with non-identical twins… what is the most possible outcome? A: One girl and one boy*** ~*~*~*~*~*~*~* Types of Genetic Disorders  Autosomal recessive (AR)  Autosomal dominant (AD)  X-linked recessive (XR)  X-linked dominant (XD)  Mitochondrial Autosomal Recessive A = wild-type a = mutant allele a/a = affected A/a = carrier A/_ = status unknown  Exa
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