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Competition model and Niche overlap

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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
Kurt Illerbrun

Lecture 19 Competition • Lotka-Volterra Model of competition- realtion to logistic growth ○ Competition coefficients ○ K-N1-N2K N =1Old population N = N2w additions… aka K-(N1+N2)K Due to the new individuals in this new competition, its addition of intraspecies competition. If theres more than one species this doesn’t apply. ○ Competition Coefficient must be used α. This implies how much of a species is equated to the other eg. 1/100 of and elephant=mo2se so then N would be the number of added individuals x α  α12 effect 2 has on species 1  α21 effect 1 has on species 2  Population growth will stop when N = K – α N h 1 1 12 2  Isocline of zero population growth  On the graph, whichever species isocline of zero population growth is on the top will win  If they cross and come towards it, the intercept=coexist But if they go away from the center they both win  If both species are at the center theres an unstable equil
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