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BIOL 208 (January 13, 2014) - Biomes, Weather vs. Climate, Precipitation and Temperature

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
James Cahill

* = points that I think are important BIOL 208 (January 13, 2014) • Why, when you go from one landscape to another, the appearance changes. What it can be due to (brainstorming of class):  Humidity  Climate • Solar irradiation o Important but not the most important • Precipitation • Weather Patterns  Temperature shifts  Surrounding topography • Bodies of water  Soil quality • Pre-existing nutrients  Human activity  Altitude • BIOME o Geographical features attributed to certain parts of the world  Regions are always related to plants and not animals (ex. Boreal forests, grassland)  *Why? • *Plants depend more than environment than animals and animals depend on plants • *Animals are rare compared to vegetation o So it doesn’t make sense to classify areas based on rare animals * = points that I think are important o 99.9% of the biomass of this earth are from plants (with bacteria ignored) • Ecoregions are used by humans to determine which places would be best for certain industries (ex. agriculture, settlement etc) • Environmental factors o Temperature + precipitations o Soils o Biomes o Latitude and area • Weather vs. Climate o Weather is what you are experiencing at a certain time at a certain pace o *Climate is the long-term average of the weather  “How much precipitation is expected at what time of the year?”  Used to predict future weather patterns • Natural disasters mess up climate records for decades after it has happened. • *So we assume the climate more or less stable • Precipitation o Warm air has more potential to hold water than cold air  Why does our breath make fog in cold air? • *Cold air cannot hold as much water so the water has to condense out in the fo
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