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BIOL 208 (January 29, 2014) - Mating Systems and Sexual Selections

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
James Cahill

BIOL 208 (January 29, 2014) • Mating systems and sexual selections o Sexual reproduction  Classical male/female gender the combine gametes to produce offspring (typical of vertebrates) • Cost of having “male” subsection: o You need a new classification of organism (not just a hermaphrodite) o Coefficient of offspring is half of asexual reproduction (female just reduced her fitness by half) o Evolution doesn’t favour this type of reproduction yet it still happens. Why?  Genetic diversity  It’s not pure cost… there are huge benefits • There is the potential of choosing mates  Lots of organisms can reproduce both asexually and sexually. • Hermaphrodism: is common in plants (~75% are hermaphrodites) and uncommon in animals… o “Uncommon in animals”. Why?  Because animals can move and seek mates o Mating systems  Monogamy • Exclusive relationship between male and female sex types o Not over the course of their whole life (monogamous not synonymous with lifetime mating) • Historically believed to be common in birds • One mate per breeding cycle • Social monogamy vs. genetic monogamy o Social
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