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BIOL 208 (February 26, 2014) - Introduction to Species Interactions

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Biology (Biological Sciences)
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James Cahill

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BIOL 208: Introduction to Species Interactions (February 26, 2014) • Types of species interactions o *Functional Categories of Interactions  *Trophic Interactions • *Eating of other organisms; doesn’t have to be a lethal interaction o Bees eating nectar is beneficial for the plant with the flower  pollination o Rabbit being eaten by predatory animal • Herbivore, carnivore (predation), omnivore, detritivore  *Reproductive interactions • *Mostly relating to plants who typically cannot reproduce sexually on their own-  need vectors, a way of transporting gametes • *Accidental or deliberate o Accidental  hummingbirds o Deliberate  yucca plant and yucca moth  Need each other in order to reproduce • Moth fertilizes the plant but then parasitizes it when offspring hatch since the eggs are laid in the ovules of the plant.  *Habitat-related interactions • Ex. bromeliads cannot go on ground… grow on other living plants o NOT PARASITIC THOUGH… just lives on top of tree • Ex. larval ants living in the branches of the tree o Costs to the tree because the tree provides food o Tree benefits too because the ants provide defence • Ex. Coral reefs and coral fish o Corals provide multidimensional habitat for fish  Called “ecosystem engineering” o Figure 13.2 – Outcome based classification of species interactions  *We have species A and species B. How does either one affect the other if at all? • Positive, neutral, negative effects Neutralism – two species interact but do not affect each other at all (ex. deer + forest)  this is the most common s
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