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BIOL 208 (April 4, 2014) - Ecosystem Services, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning

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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
James Cahill

BIOL 208 (April 4, 2014) • Preserve ecosystem usually if there is economic gain • Accumulation of diversity and extinction o Mass extinction graph  *Diversity increases as time goes on  *Occasionally, you will see large drops in this pattern  mass extinctions (loss of 75% biodiversity) th o Prediction of 6 mass extinction  Will take about 2500 years at the rate it has occurred in the past  *Why do we think that we are heading into the 6h mass extinction even though our extinction rates are currently 1-2%? • *Because the time scale = 2,000,000 years • *It takes a very long time for extinction to occur o “If a tree lives 500 years, it will take a very LONG time before they go extinct.” • Ecosystem Services: What do WE get? o Supporting  Nutrient cycling  Soil formation  Primary production o Provisioning  Food  Fresh water  Wood and fiber  Fuel  Other o Regulating  Climate regulation  Flood regulation  Disease Regulation  Water Purification o Cultural • Potential Mechanisms linking biodiversity and ecosystem function o *Complementarity  Niche based • “There is variation in the habitat… fundamental niches also vary… if there is only one species, it will do awesome as long as it is within its fundamental niche… no exploitation has to occur, not all resources will be used.” • “2 species… there will be a little
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