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University of Alberta
Biology (Biological Sciences)
Darren De Lorey

BIOL 207 2014-01-06 Lec01 Some examples will be discussed in class that are not in textbook. From these experiments, you do not need to memorize details that are not directly related to genetics, but you may be asked to interpret similar experiments on exams. A. NOVADogs Decoded film clip (can be found on YouTube; details not on exam) a. dogs are 99.8% similar to wolves in genome sequence, so why is their behaviour so different? i. heredity or environment ? 1. socialization experiment (note controls) 2. domestication experiment (note contrasting phenotypes) a. where does natural variation come from? b. how does this demonstrate heredity? b. domestication of foxes / wolves i. complex trait 1. many genes involved 2. pleiotropy (one gene; many effects) 3. small variations may have large effects a. hormones b. developmental arrest c. genetic variation & selection explains diversity of life CHAPTER 1: B. Mendel: scientific study of heredity a. white flower trait can be inherited even from two purple flowers b. particulate (not blending) inheritance c. genes are units of inheritance C. Avery, MacLeod, McCarty: DNAis genetic material a. S, R strains of Strep b. only S causes lethal infection c. heat-killed S could pass genetic information to living R cells to make R pathogenic d. what part of S was giving R new traits? i. PROTEIN? NO: protease-treated S could ma
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