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Biology (Biological Sciences)
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Darren De Lorey

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BIOL207 B01 Lec09 2014-01-24 CHAPTER 4 (cont’d) A. Complementation testing 1. Given two mutants with the same phenotype, how do we know whether these mutants have defects in the same gene, or in different genes? 2. Many mutants affect biochemical pathways, or other types of pathways; example of network of biochemical pathways here: http://web.expasy.org/cgi-bin/pathways/show_thumbnails.pl defects in different genes in the same pathway can have similar effects, i.e. no wild-type end product is produced i. e.g. purple pigment synthesis (anthocyanin) has dozens of enzymes that act on colourless precursors (= intermediates); mutation can give white flowers 3. Complementation test shows whether independent mutants affect the same gene or different genes i. Need to have fully dominant alleles, e.g. wild-type allele is haplosufficient ii. Cross indiv
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