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Lecture 11

BIOL299 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Decode Genetics, Consanguinity

Biology (Biological Sciences)
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Darren De Lorey

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Lec11 BIOL207
CHAPTER 5 (cont’d)
A. Research with pedigrees
a. DeCODE genetics
ii. Cracking the code of Life
B. Calculating probabilities
a. infer mode(s) of inheritance, infer genotypes; for genotypes that are not
certain, calculate probabilities (usually calculate probability of being a
carrier and/or affected)
b. use Punnet square to calculate expected frequency of relevant genotypes
i. Phenotypic information, when available, may influence the
calculation of probability of a given genotype (e.g. if an individual
is unaffected in AR, they cannot be homozygous recessive, so this
possible genotype is removed when calculating probability)
c. use product rule to combine individual probabilities to given overall
probability of inheriting a given genotype
C. Inbreeding
a. Consanguineous mating
i. indicated by double line in pedigree
ii. increases risk of inheritance of rare alleles carried by a shared
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