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Business Law
B LAW402
Elaine Geddes

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY 1. You should understand the concept of intellectual property generally and be able to distinguish the major categories of intellectual property and the law that applies to each. 2. You should understand the purpose of the Patent act and when it is available for use to protect patent rights. 3. You should understand the basics of the application process and the rights conferred on the patent holder by the Act. You should also have a basic understanding of the effect of International Law on patent rights (or the effect of its absence). 4. You should understand the duties and obligations of the patent holder. 5. You should understand the basics of a law suit for patent infringement and the remedies available. 6. You should understand the definition of a trademark and the various categories protected under the Trademarks Act. •(a)Service Marks •(b)Certification Marks •(c)Distinctive Guise •(d)Tradename 7. You should understand the basics of an application for registration and the protection granted. You should be familiar with the danger of a trademark being or becoming generic. 8. You should understand the rights granted by registration and the actions available to protect against infringeme
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