Atomic balance - table technique

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Chemical and Materials Engineering
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Philip Choi

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LOW qua Dry basis : se-ann aeラー--Ox_ 3,8 Compsihen N,--86.5 eeces air IOO- a Find. Ye excess air ard the compos hon of the natosal gas stream,--- Degree d-freedon. anal pis歹 no: of Unknowns Dairy-r2H 先of ensーー 4 independentatomic lea mickalanee ans ndf-145C) -.Basis--comoks of stackmuithout. HO without-Hoo Reactant mole- Na y-H > 22-7 一一一31bz -↓ ㄧ一ーーーーーーーーー ーーーーーB,762 t 5762. illeealy if frodillt l mole- - 17-4. --t0. ター 3-3 31-61--- 86:5 805 H2O wel94 ーーーー 12W 2: -. 26th) 一ー 845ニy+3K2 W-4x4 7 "Zーーー26t19 4 2 ly- N LOW qua Dry basis : se - ann ae ラ
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