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Lecture 19

CHEM669 Lecture 19: 405-669 Term Project

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Fredrick West

CHEM 405/669, Winter 2017 Chemistry 405/669–2017 Pharmaceutical Chemistry Guidelines for Term Project Introduction: This project will involve research of an approved small molecule drug and preparation of an in-depth report following the format outlined below. The coverage should range over most of the “life-cycle” of the drug, from identification of the target, to screening and lead optimization, to preclinical and clinical evaluation, patent strategy, and finally scale-up for manufacturing. Basics: The report should be prepared as a polished document using Word, with publication- quality figures and correctly formatted references. The expected length is 8–12 pages single- spaced, with figures incorporated into the text rather than grouped at the end. The document can be converted to a PDF file and submitted electronically. It will be evaluated by the general rubric given below. Students need to familiarize themselves with the rules for plagiarism, which can be found on the Faculty of Science website. All writing must be in the student’s own words. Reproduction of significant amounts of writing from source materials (more than 7 consecutive words) without proper attribution will result in referral to the Faculty of Science for disciplinary action. Topic Selection: Students should select a drug that is already approved, and for which detailed information exists regarding discovery, pharmacokinetics, clinical trial, and manufacturing. This rules out very new drugs, and also some of the very early drugs that were developed before their model was known. Also, biologics are not suitable for the report—please restrict your choices to small organic molecules for which the syntheses are well documented. Natural products that were obtained by extraction from biomass can also present challenges, since they typically will not have been subjected to any sort of structural optimization and will have limited content regarding manufacturing. The due date for selection of a topic is Friday, February 10, though it could be extended for up to a week if discussed in advance. Students are advised to discuss their choices with the instructor prior to submitting the topic choice. Also, since each topic can be used by only one student, it is strongly recommended that students be prepared with several alternative topics in case their first choice is no longer available. Please use the form found at the back of these guidelines for topic submission. Suggested Report Structure: Although students may follow a different format, the organization listed below is recommended. A. Introduction (importance of the therapeutic target to human health; previous drugs used, if any, especially if hitting the same target; ~1 page) B. Biological
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