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Lecture 9

CLASS102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Hieros Gamos, Nemean Lion, Cronus

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Katherine Mac Kay

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Cronus against Uranus:
-uranus tries to avoid “overthrowing” of the god
he stuffs newly born Titans back into Gaea
-Cronus (the youngest) castrates Uranus with a sickle
unity of sky and earth is disrupted
this is how uranus got overthrown
-disruption of the hieros gamos
-blood from the severed genitals falls onto Gaia and becomes the Erinyes (furies), Giants
(earth-born ones), and Melian nymphs
furies punish people
-have hunting boots, snakes
Side effect of Uranus blood
-birth of aphrodite (venus)
productive (make you fall in love) and destructive
smiles and deceits
goddess of sex, love, fertility, pleasure, chaos
son: cupid
powerful enough she can control zeus and it causes him so much anger he makes her fall
in love with a human being
Aphro = foam
ocean spirits
-harpies: storm spirits
they steal everything that you want
-sphinx: ready destroyer
eygptian: powerful as pharaoh
greeks: strangler, killing machine
Monsters and Sea Deities
-usually combined human and animal parts
gorgons: women body and snake for hair, wings
graeae: one eye, white hair
geryon: multiple bodies glues together
cerberus: snake for tail, dog body, lots of heads, dog of underworld
pegasus: horse with wings
chimera: lion that can fly, breathe fire, snake tail, goat on his back
-natural forms but with special powers
ceto: sea creature can talk
nemean lion: can’t break through his skin
nereus: old man of the sea can shape shift
achilles: sea nymph, shape shift
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