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Lecture 10

CLASS102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Calydonian Boar, Pelias, Palaephatus

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Katherine Mac Kay

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Clas 102: Nov 23, 2016 : Jason
Death of Pelias
Rumor back in lolcus: the Argo has been destroyed
Pelias, thinking he has avoided this fate, kills Jasons father, mother, and bro.
When Jason returns, Pelias reneges on his promise.
o Medeas trik ih the old ram.
Tricks his daughter into killing their father.
Cook hi alie ito a soup. Heras reege is oplete. Brig Medea
back so she can be the death of Pelias.
Medea: Potentially ran saunas, people started dying in them.
o Palaephatus
Heras reege is complete, but the people of Iolcus (understandably) banish the two.
Happens quite often with heros. Theseus (stuck in underworld), Athens has gotten used to not
having such a heroic ruler.
Jason and Medea in Corinth
Jason and Medea are exiled but live happily in Corinth for a while have two sons.
Euripidess Medea 2nd major source)
o Jason courts Glauce/Creusa, daughter of King Creon of Corinth: princess #2
o Creon banishes Medea because of her threats and anger.
o Jaso tries to reaso ith Medea… Doest ork.
Highly primordial and powerful emotional force.
o Medeas reege ith the gift to Glaue; death of Creo; ad the urder of her to
Daughter and Father lie combusted on the floor because of the gift that was
given to Glauce, killing them incredibly painfully.
Uses witchcraft to kill them, and a sword to kill her own sons.
o Escapes on a chariot drawn by dragons: helped by the gods? Heroism?
Ofte has the right o her side… util the tie he she deides to take
revenge into her own hands.
“oehere aa fro eeroe else o the stage i Euripidess pla
Comes into the role of a god, in a sense.
Follows the whole hero motif.
Medea: Sorceress and Wife
Greek witches, like Circe and Medea, often beautiful and seductive.
o Medea uses potions, not spells: witches/herbalists.
I Euripidess pla, Medea is espeiall ulerale: foreiger, oa, ouie.
o A social comment on the status of women.
She is also a paradigm of a dangerous uncontrollable woman (like Antigone)
Calydonian Boar Hunt: Apollodorus F: Anth: pp.23-24
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