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University of Alberta
John Harris

th Classics 102 Lecture February 7 Cupid and Psyche • Apuleius nd o Rome 2 Century  The Metamorphose aka The Golden Ass • Guy gets transformed into a donkey • Story within a story, old woman telling him about Cupid (Desire) and Psyche (Soul) • Allegory or love story o Allegory comprising  Folktale  Fairytale  Romance • Psyche could be the most beautiful daughter, more beautiful than Aphrodite, Cupid falls in love with her, violates order, goes to Apollo, he says to take her to a mountain, dress her in beautiful clothing, leave her there, falls into sleep of death, whisked off by the West Wind (Zephyrs), comes every night but says she can’t try to find out his identity, she wants to see her sisters, brings jewelry with her to visit sisters, they become jealous but she doesn’t realize, she’s pregnant but can’t tell sisters the father’s name, she cuts herself on tip of arrow, dumps hot oil on Cupid and awakens him, Cupid tells Aphrodite Venus gives her trials, she gets magical assistance, she has to go to underworld, the sleep of death, rescued by cupid, get married  Philosophy Artemis • Will remain eternally virginal • Beautiful Origins of Artemis • Non-Hellenic name (Not I-E) o Asia Minor connections  Fertility deity • She will never have kids but it always seems like she’s on the brink of it • Multi-mammary? • Multi-testicular? • Bulbous projections on chest but we don’t know if it’s testicles (sacrifice of them) or mammary glands • Animals important component o Closely connected with them o Temple of Artemis at Ephesus  1 of 7 wonders of Ancient World Mistress of Animals • The Homeric Poems o Potnia Theron  “Mistress of Animals” • Connection with Cybele? o Originally: fertility deity  Another incarnation of Magna Mater o Ephesian Artemis  Kourotrophos “Nurturer of the Young” • Goddess of childbirth • Protector of all young creatures o Minoan snake goddess? The Virgin Huntress • The classical Artemis o The eternal virgin  Not manly (like Athena)  Not asexual (like Hestia) • Dangerously seductive o Interest in young women? o Protecting their virginity? o Nypmh in original sense:  Greek: Nymphe “Bride” o Athletic figure  Wears shorter clothes so she can move easily The Birth of Artemis… • …And Apollo o Homeric hymn to Apollo • Zeus and Leto (Titan) produce twins o Apol
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