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University of Alberta
John Harris

th Classics 102 Lecture February 14 Theater at Epidaurus • Where people go to get cured • Temple in which incubation would take place, “a lying in”, make sacrifices, lay within temple and pray, dream of Asclepius o Snake would appear, symbol of shedding the old Olympian Idol • Apollo and Marsyas o Marsyas: satyr (half man, half goat)  Challenges Apollo to flute contest • Athena had invented flute (her cheeks puffed out when she played) o Conditions of contest: victor can do what he likes to the vanquished o Apollo easily defeats Marsyas  Flays Marsyas alive, strips his skin away o Some think Marsyas (satyr) is physical depiction of Satan Olympian Idol II • Apollo vs. Pan o Judge: King Midas of Phrygia  Worshipper of Pan, biased judge  Pan disses music of Apollo o Contest: pipes vs. lyre  Mt. Tmolus judges Apollo the winner o Midas disagress  Apollo’s revenge • Changes Midas’ ears to those of ass (donkey), rest was human Hermes • Mercury • Brings commands down • God of travellers • Wears sombrero, wide-brimmed traveller’s hat to keep sun off face • Herald god making proclamations for things • Similar to Apollo, same powers The Trickster God • The Homeric Hymn to Hermes o Birth and mischievous exploits  Child of Zeus and Maia • Maia: eldest daughter of Atlas and Pleione o One of the Pleiades • The Pleiades (AKA the seven sisters) o Daughters of Atlas and Pleione o Followers of Artemis o Transformed into stars o Used by hunters to gauge one’s vision o Precocious god child  Born in Arcadia • In Peloponnesus o Land-locked  Invents lyre • Uses tortoise shell o Tortoise: bringer of luck and averter of evil  Steals Apollo’s cattle • Cattle rustler  Sang about himself God of Thieves • Theft of Phoebus Apollo’s cattle o Steals 50 head  Reverses tracks • Old man sees him; s
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