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University of Alberta
John Harris

th Classics 102 Lecture January 27 Sea-Gods and Monsters • Symbol of tuna common • Heracles wrestled the sea and tamed it • Nereus = sea • Surrogate mother bond between Thetis and Hephaestus A Marriage Made in Ocean • Pelus and Thetis o Prophecy given to Thetis  Destined to bear son mightier than father • Zeus learns of prophecy from Prometheus o Peleus  Mortal must wrestle and capture Thetis • Thetis: changes shape at will o Wedding of Peleus and Thetis  Son: Achilles • Son mightier than father o Thetis can change her shape Beauty and the Beast • Galatea and Polyphemus o Ovid’s Metamorphoses  Polyphemus (child of Poseidon) • Monstrous in size and behavior • Unrequited love for Nereid, Galatea • Tries to turn his ugly things into advantages in order to make her love him, when that doesn’t work he turns violent • Sometimes portrayed as one-eyed  Galatea rejects Polyphemus • Acis o Polyphemus’ rival • Polyphemus buries Acis beneath boulder o Acis becomes river god Thaumas • Child of Pontus and Gaia o Iris, daughter of Thaumas  Messenger of Gods • In particular, Hera o Harpies, daughters of Thaumas  “Snatchers” • Originally: strong winds • Later: o Half-woman, Half-bird Phorcys and Ceto (Both sea-gods) • “Cetacean” o “Relating to whales, dolphins, etc.”  Derived from Ceto  2 sets of three kids st • 1 set: the 3 Graeae o “The old (“gray”) ones”  Personifications of old age  Gray-haired from birth • Share 1 eye and 1 tooth between the three  Like Macbeth’s three witches • 2ndset: the gorgons
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