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John Harris

st Classics 102 Lecture January 31 “Venus Envy” • She has double origin Mighty Aphrodite • Birth of Aphrodite o Hesiod’s Theogony  Castrated Uranus • Genitalia fall into ocean o Aphrodite Urania (‘Celestial’)  Epithets • Cytherea (Island of Cytherea) • Cyprogenes, or Cypris (Island of Cyprus) • Philomme(i)des o Laughter-loving (censored) o Genital-loving o Variant version of birth  Child of Zeus and Dione • Aphrodite Pandemos (‘Profane’) • Sexual union • Used to be only men who were portrayed fully nude, later women were too Aphrodite (Venus) • Historical origins o Near Eastern goddesses of fertility (Magna Mater) (“The Great Mother”)  Inanna (Sumerian); Ishtar (Akkadian); Astarte (Syrian); Cybele (Phrygian) o Aphrodite via Cyprus  City of Salamisor Paphos  Originally worshipped as a conical stone • Not in human form • Draped in oil o Via Cythera  Island due South of Peloponnesus  Phoenician colony • Earliest representation of Earth mother goddess was from 6000 BCE • Sumerian goddess Inanna, had owls, talons for feet “When Love Comes to Town” • Divine functions and powers o Sexual desire  “Aphrodesiac”  Venus (“Venereal”) • Accompanied by Eros (Erotic)  Temple prostitution? • At Corinth and Cythera o To please goddess o Ensure fertility o Young women sent to temple devoted to Aphrodite, offered to public to be deflowered • But now see: Stephanie Budin (2009), The Myth of Sacred Prostitution in Antiquity o The evidence is not there for prostitution “When Love Comes to Town” • Divine functions and powers o Beauty  Countless images and statues o War  At Sparta • Connection with Aresin myth o Near Eastern connection • Aphrodite of Cnidos o First nude portrayal of her Aphrodite Accessorized • Aphrodite’s Attendants o Three Graces  Gratiae, Charites • Personifications of grace and loveliness o Three Hours, or Seasons  Horae, Horai • Daughters of Zeus and Themis o 2-4 in number o Often helped clothe her o The Four Seasons Viagra • Priapus o Child of Aphrodite and  Either Dinoysus, Hermes, Pan, Adonis…  Fertility Daimon • Spirit who would watch out over individuals • Each individual had a daimon • Where demon comes from  Small (usually deformed) man; huge and erect phallus • Ithyphallic “erect penis” • Some say he’s just for pornograp
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