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John Harris

th Classics Lecture January 20 Crime and Punishment • Zeus and Lycaon o Ovid’s Metamorphoses o Jupiter/Jove (Zeus) disguised  To spy on mortals  Reveals himself; demands worship o Lycaon, King of Arcadia  Doubts Jupiter’s divinity and tests him • Human stew of one of his slaves • Zeus knew o Lycaon’s punishment  Transformed into a wolf (Lykos = wolf)  Bestiality that’s in every human being is now a reality • Lycanthropy All Washed Up • Deucalion and Pyrrha o Deucalion: Son of Prometheus o Pyrrha: Daughter of Epimetheus o Jupiter decides to eradicate mankind  Sends flood: D & P sole survivors • How to repopulate earth? • Go to Oracle of Themis  Oracle of Themis • “Toss bones of mother over shoulder” • Cover heads with a guise o Deucalion’s stones: men o Pyrrha’s stones: women o Take stones and toss them behind their backs o Hellen: child of couple (male)  Eponymous founder of Hellenes (Greeks call themselves Hellenes) All in the Family: The Olympians The 12 Olympians • First generation of Olympians o Offspring of Cronus and Rhea  Zeus (Jupiter, Jove) • Statue of Zeus (Poseidon?), only bronze statue left  Hera (Juno, later wife to Zeus)  Poseidon (Neptune)  Hades (Pluto) • N.B. not included in canonical 12 deities o Underworld  Hestia (Vesta) • N.B. not included in canonical 12 deities (replaced by Dionysus)  Demeter (Ceres) • Earth mother deity • Generation Next o Offspring of various deities  Aphrodite (Venus) • Same generation as Cronus, child of Zeus  Hephaestus (Vulcan)  Ares (Mars) • God of war  Apollo (Apollo) • God of sun, music, poetry, prophecy  Artemis (Diana) • Apollo’s twin sister, goddess of the
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