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Craig Taylor

HELLENISTIC GREECE WORLD HISTORY NOTES DATE: ______________ What does mean to be Hellenistic?  ________________- The blending of Greek cultures with those of Persia, Egypt, and Central Asia following the conquests of Alexander the Great. What is an empire, give the definition and explain how Alexander the Greats’ conquests apply. Blending Cultures  Best way to encourage cultural exchange is through _____________ Alexander married Roxana of Bactria and Stateira of Persia. o He also did this to ______________ his claims to the Persian Empire.  Roxana bore Alexander a __________________________ (child born after the death of a parent). She named the child Alexander IV; unfortunately, he never reaches adulthood because he was murdered in a political plot.  Another great way to gain cultural exchange is through _____________________. o When Egypt built the city of Alexandria the most important achievement was the ____________________________________________, which contained information on:  __________________  __________________  __________________  __________________  __________________ o Alexandria is now underwater as you can see in the picture to the right. o Lighthouse of Alexandria was once one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. As seen in the picture to the left. Life in the Hellenistic World  What was the most significant change in He
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