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Craig Taylor

Mesopotamian Empires MAIN IDEAS Geography Powerful city-states expanded to control much of Mesopotamia. Government Babylon built a large empire in the Fertile Crescent. Government Hammurabi created one of the first codes of law. The First Empire Builders ESSENTIAL QUESTION Who controlled Mesopotamia? Sargon Builds an Empire • Sumerian city-state kings fought over land from 3000 B.C.000 • Sargon of Akkad was powerful leader, creator of worldʼs first empire - took over northern and southern Mesopotamia around B.C. - empire—many different peoples, lands controlled by one ruler (emperor) The Akkadian Empire • Sargonʼs empire was called Akkadian Empire - included Fertile Crescent—lands from Mediterranean Sea to Persian Gulf - was known for rich soil, water, and good farming • Sargonʼs conquests spread Akkadian ideas, culture, writing system • Empires encourage trade and may bring peace to their peoples - peoples of several cultures share ideas, technology, customs REVIEW QUESTION How do empires change the lives of people who live in them? Chapter 4: Early Empires World History: An2ient Civilizations The Babylonian Empire ESSENTIAL QUESTION Which empires ruled the Fertile Crescent? Babylonians Expand • Akkadian Empire lasted about 200 years • Amorites invaded Sumer about 20B.C, chose Babylon as capital • Hammurabi—powerful Amorite king who ruled from 1792 to 175B.C. - extended empire across Mesopotamia, Fertile Crescent - appointed governors, tax collectors, judges to control lands - watched over agriculture, trade, construction
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