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Erin Garvin

Class 280 07092011 95600 AM Heroes and Hoplites Mycenaeans y ProtoGreek not fully Greek as we see them now Indo Europeans o Fully developed by 1600 o Migrated through the area that is now Greece o Warrior charioteer elite o Mycenae Pylos Sparta Athens o System of protection Paying thugs a tax and in return they will protect you Subsistence crisis insurance ex warlord paying for housing upgrades or neighbour disputes y Homeric Epics o Age of heroes how this era is known by Greeks Everything we know about ancient history we learned within the last century Schliemann found Mycenae wanting to prove that the Iliad and Odyssey are not just tales y Some aspects of these stories are true See slide notesSeptember 1611 After slide notes The Rise of the Polis The Greek dark ages the rise of the city state and colonizationMigrations of the tribes y Peloponese Crete Ionian 3 tribes with 3 different languages but the culture was basically identical y Ionian and Dorian tribes were most important Greek dark age y Ca 1100 BC ca 750 BC y Major decline Arcahaic Period y Ca 740 BC 479 BC o Emergence of the Greek Polis o Steady increase in economic activity 1o Steady increase of population o Origins of Greek writing Linear A From Phoenicia Palestine o Colonizationo Many new lands for the Greeks1 No people to defend the land so they sailed over and took the land or 2 They werent hoplites so they couldnt defend against the Greeks wello Political upheaval o Emergence of the hoplite warriors The polis y By 750 bc y Polis already exists in rudimentary form y Monarchies all but gone y Collective of the wealthiest y Oligarchy Polis design y Hiltop fortifications o Not palaces but public spaces o Acropolis Temple on top of o Near but not on the coast Many pirates came and attacked small cities on the coastSept 2111 The Seven Sages Literature Herodotus tell us that most things the Greeks have came fromEgypt or Phoenicia y Cadmus Said to have immigrated to Greece from Phoenicia and founded a city called Thebes Not in Greece and brought the Phoenician Alphabet The Phoenicians were trading so much they needed a language to describe the thing not the sound y Palamedes o Mythical inventor Letters written laws weights and measures In Greek Alpha and Beta have no meaning they are just A and B2
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