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Kurt Illerbrun

PRA 0101 Radhakrishnan, Dr. Thottackad Experiment 1: THE PROBLEM OF 9 UNKNOWN SOLUTIONS Performed 2012-09-10 Submitted 2012-09-17 This experiment requires students to identify 9 unknown solutions which have been given without any other reagents. 9 unknown solutions as below: 6 M NaOH 0.5 M Na S2 0.2 M BaCl 2 3 M NH Cl4 0.3 M Na S2 4 0.2 M KIO 3 1 M NaBr 0.5 M KClO 3 0.1 M AgNO 3 Preparing about 3~4 drops of each solution as sample in test tube, we can smell and find out which solution has pungent odor. Next, we can label it as NH Cl s4lution. Using NH C4 solution reacts with the other solutions till the test tube appears white precipitate. This test tube contained the AgNO sol3tion. We can identify the rest of the solutions using AgNO solution. Preparing about 2~3 drops of remaining 8 solutions as sample in 3 test tube, we need to add 1~2 drops AgNO solut3on to these test tubes. If the test tube appears fairly light brown solid, it contained the NaOH solution. If the test tube appears lightly yellow precipitate, it contained the NaBr solution. If the test tube appears black precipitate, it contained the Na 2 solution. If the test tube appears white precipitate, it contained the BaCl s2lution. If the test tube appears yellow precipitate, it contained the KIO solution. If the test tube becomes muddy, it contained the Na SO solution. If the 3
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