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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Alexander Wolfe

Earth system scienceThe Geological SystemRocks and such the formation of the earth under the shrubbery and green This is the outermost rock layer of the earth The Hydrological SystemWater is a unique molecule liquid is more dense than solid The Atmospheric SystemMixture of gas argon oxygen and nitrogen Greenhouse gasses retain infrared radiation which warms the earthThe Biological SystemEvolution of plants and such the plant life on earth at any given time The Anthropogenic SystemEvolution of people and how they relate themselves to the worldWe will consider the notions of interactions and of feedbackA continuous cycle of influence No cause or effect but a feedback loop both positive and negativeMost systems are complex involving multiple components that interact with each other PrecipitationAtmosphere to Hydrosphere Rain EvaporationHydrosphere to Atmosphere WeatheringSand silk clay can be transported by wind or water or other geologic influences to be transported back into waters and oceans to begin the cycle again Ex flash floods in the Bad Lands Hydrothermal FluidsIn magmatic systems going down into the earth into the mantel there is a lot of water Volcanos explode sometimes because there is a lot of water and pressure underneath thereby equalizing the pressure until such time as it builds up and erupts againVolcanismGeosphere to Atmosphere volcanic ash earth erupts and sends waste in the atmosphereAeolian ProcessesWind driven processes atmosphere to geosphereUptakeTranspirationBiosphere to Hydrosphere and vice versa PhotosynthesisRespiration Biosphere to Atmosphere WeatheringnutrientsGeosphere to Biosphere this interaction produces microbial economic assets Anthroposphere From the biosphere to other spheres humans are producing much more matter and conversion than would naturally be produced Humanity has a sphere of its own which can outweigh many other natural systems in many irreversible ways Humans move more than the sum total of all natural processes Systems can be of three kinds p1011Unit of energyJoules Matter is measured in molesIsolated neither energy nor matter are exchangedClosed energy exchanged but not matterOpen both energy and matter are exchangedLeast conservative system What kind of system is Earth Generally Earth scientists approximate the Earth as closed system
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