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Lecture 11

ECON366 Lecture 11: Global Energy Supply - Nuclear Power

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Dana Andersen

ECON 366 Lecture 13 Global Energy Supply Nuclear Power Regional nuclear supply, Countries involved: OECD, Middle East, NonOECD Europe and Eurasia, Asia, China, NonOECD Americas, Africa Chart analysis 1. The first use of the nuclear power was in Russia in 1954, and it was cheap to generate at that time 2. There was a rapidly growth of nuclear power in the early 1970s and high concentration of nuclear power in OECD countries. But in the late 1990s a larger share of nuclear power was transferred from OECD to China and Non OECD European countries 3. There are two reasons for the declined nuclear power use in OECD countries. Firstly due to the increasing oil price and the adoption of new technology (after the Iraq War), there was a reduced demand for the crude oil and also nuclear power; secondarily due to safety concerns, OECD countries carried out lots of regulations and limitations of nuclear power, and deregulation of electricity markets in the late 1990s to decentralize the electricity market, resulting in the declined demand for the nuclear power Nuclear Energy Production Table analysisTable A 1. For new installed capacity, Japan produced significant less than its potential capacity due to the earthquake catastrophe 2. France was highly dependent on the nuclear power for the electricity generation Hydro Regional Hydro Supply (TWh) Chart analysis: 1. The total hydro power has increased over 107 from 1971 to 2011, and the greatest effort was made from China 2. The share of hydro power in OECD countries was decreased from 71.9 to 40.7, while increased from 2.9 to 19.6 in China 3. The hydro power is the secondary largest energy source in China (first energy production is coal), and it has 32 turbines the great capacity for the hydro power generation
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