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Lecture 12

ECON366 Lecture 12: Global Energy Consumption - Total Energy Consumption

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University of Alberta
Dana Andersen

Econ 366 Lecture 14 Energy Consumption Energy consumption Consists of Final use of energy, residential, industrial, transformation and agriculture Total Energy Consumption World total final consumption from 1971 to 2012 by fuel (Mtoe), source: IEA 2013 Energy involved: coalpeat, biofuels and waste, oil, electricity, natural gas, other Chart analysis: 1. The consumption of oil, coal and natural gas for electricity are not counted as direct use of energy, so all uses of energy for electricity generation are counted in electricity sector 2. Coal and peat are usually used for heating and cooking, but also cause some air pollution problems; oil is largely used in transportation sector; for biofuels, ethanol is also consumed directly by consumers 3. The change energy consumption indicates there is a transition of energy consumption from traditional to more modern and secondarily use (electricity generation) 4. Coal consumption (from rural heating and cooking) remains stagnant and unchanged relatively, but more coal is used for electricity generation which is resulting in the increasing coal production OECD energy consumption from 1971 to 2011 by fuel (Mtoe) Chart analysis: 1. More energy consumption in developing countries 2. There was a small share of coalpeat in OECD countries in the early 1971, and continuing to decline over time 3. Oil, natural gas and biofuels consumption increased to a small extent 4. In the early 1970s there was a large oil consumption compared to other energy uses in OECD counties due to the growth of car markets, but more energy consumption in electricity generation in the late 2000s since it has greater than average use of electricity as share of their total energy Global energy consumption from 1971 to 2011 (Mtoe) Chart A Counties involved: OECD, NonOECD Europeans, Middle East, NonOECD Americas, China, Asia, Africa, other Chart analysis: 1. The secondary energy consumption has been increasing in OECD countries over time, and almost all countries have increased their energy consumption, especially in China, Middle East and Asia
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