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EDU 250 Lecture 2

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University of Alberta
Rick Angus

EDU 250 Presentation 1 January 17 2012 The Law and the Teaching ProfessionOffduty Conduct y Teachers are role models for students whether a student is in a particular teachers class or not y The right to discipline employees for conduct while offduty when that conduct can be shown to have a negative influence on the employers operation has been well established in legal precedent o Second day on ATA Teacher working for a Roman Catholic school in a small town calls up and tells about her extra curricular activities lap danced on the head school board guy If she went to trial he would have to witness and the proverbial shit would hit the fan Teachers with a continuing contract generally only terminated on three grounds 1 Incompetence failure to fulfill duties under section 18 of The School Act 2 Conduct which adversely impact the employers operation 3 Failure to follow a lawful order of the board If in doubt about anything check with principal for policies or check the Internet and check your school district website through ATA Professional Misconduct y Investigated and adjudicated by the pro
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