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Class Notes for ENG M402 at University of Alberta

Project Management and Entrepreneurship

Administrative Law - Reference Guides

Administrative law directly influences the life of every American citizen. All local, state and federal agencies operate pursuant to general Administrative law principles. An understanding of all administrative law functio...

Business Admin - Mgt
All Professors
Organizational Behavior - Reference Guides

The systematic study of individual and group behavior within organizational structures is outlined in this coordinated Guide. Theories of leadership and individual behavior are related to the foundations of group behavior ...

PSYC 302
All Professors
Introduction to Business Law - Reference Guides

Business law, sometimes referred to as corporate-commercial law, is a system of governance and regulations in connection with the creation, existence and dissolution of businesses. Today, Canadian businesses are governed b...

BLAW - Business Law
BLAW 464
All Professors
Management - Reference Guides

The complex aspects of Management are made clearer in this Guide. This powerful Guide provides comprehensive assistance to anyone who desires a deeper appreciation of basic Management principles. The fundamentals of organi...

BA - Business Administration
BA 2283
All Professors
Corporations - Reference Guides

Corporations are explained with clarity and precision in this informative Guide! This guide helps to remove some of the confusion that popularly exists concerning the purpose, the extent, and the legal effect of different ...

BA - Business Administration
BA 2283
All Professors
Permachart - Marketing Reference Guide: Magnetic Circuit, Electrical Network, Angular Velocity

l e a r n • r e f e r e n c e • r e v i e w permacharts TM Electrical Engineering GLOSSARY OF TERMS ...

Electrical Engineering
All Professors
Electricity & Magnetism - Reference Guides

This Guide is another one of the many products that effectively advances one’s knowledge of a distinct aspect of the physical sciences. The basic of the properties of electricity and electrical circuits are established in ...

Electrical Engineering
All Professors
Permachart - Marketing Reference Guide: Semiconductor Device, Precision Rectifier, Envelope Detector

permacharts TM E le c t r o n ic sI Waveforms Diodes ...

Electrical Engineering
All Professors
Permachart - Marketing Reference Guide: Schmitt Trigger, Square Wave, Negative Feedback

permacharts TM E le c t r o n ic sII Operational Amplifiers (OP AMPS) ...

Electrical Engineering
All Professors

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