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Moor House and Ferndean

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University of Alberta
Alison Rukavina

Moor House repetition is pervasive At the beginning of the novel we meet the Reeds In Moor House we see the Riversparallelism acts as contrasts to show changes in Janes lifeEven though Reeds hate her the Rivers embrace her before they know that they are relatedSaint John Rivers is Rochesters foilSaint John Rivers suppresses his own human emotions for his belief in God Saint John Rivers offers Jane a marriage of conveniencemarriage would not be based on love She would be a helpmate for Saint John and go to India with himJane is tempted Wrestles with her optionsHowever she asserts her desire for individuality Jane comes into money in this section Deux ex machinaJane refuses to marry Saint John because there would be no love in the marriage Says that she will go with him as his sister or comradeJane realizes that marriage entails sacrifice Those sacrifices are worth it if there is love If she goes as his cousin she does have some power If she goes as his wife she loses ownership of herself to Saint JohnSaint John represents the extremes of sacrifice and selfdenialThere is a parallel between Helen Burns and Saint JohnHelenloving caring Christianity Saint Johnselfsacrificing version of ChristianityThe Moor House section shows Jane that she must have a balance between passion and principles She needs bothRosamund OliverJanes foil Rosamund is like Blanche She emphasizes the self sacrificing denial of Saint JohnSaint John denies his passion for RosamundJane starts a charity school Parallels LowoodThe cousins in Gateshead and the cousins in Moor House contrasts each otherFerndeanretribution for Rochester He pays for his crimesphysically with the loss of his hand and loss of an eye Ferndean is a hovel and a horrible place
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