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Jane Eyre & Rochester

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Alison Rukavina

Jane Eyres Portentous Dreamsfocus the reader on a psychological reading of Jane EyreJanes dreams foreshadow her fear of not being able to find acceptancethe dreams are anxiety dreams Janes Relationship with RochesterJane is surprised by how Rochester treats her as an equal when the relationship begins she worries about their differences Jane is poor and landless Rochester is rich and is a landownerRochester flip flops between treating her well and being cruelsays that he is going to send her awayJanes foils in the Thornfield sectionBlanche IngramBertha MasonBlanche is a the opposite of Jane She is rich and is of the upper classJane is caught between the classes and the worlds Constantly reminded of her position or lack of positionShe is suffering from helplessness Buffeted by all of these forces In the novel Blanche acts as a foil and is a stock character Rochester by pretending to love Blanche is testing her tries to test her fidelity and get a rise out of herJane is a cypher Keeps her emotions to herself Refuses to let her emotions ge
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