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Jane Eyre: Thornfield, Phrenology

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Alison Rukavina

Jane EyreThornfieldJanes character innocent pious nave passion is tempered wants to experience theworld wants to be independenceAfter 8 years of her time at Lowood she wants freedom adventure and excitementVery few respectable jobs Governess was one of themIt is in vain to say that human beings ought to be contentimportant quoteharkens back to Wollstonecraft Bront and Wollstonecraft are aware of the inequalities between men womenWhen she gets to Thornfield she is still trapped Her trap has changed Once she meets Rochester she is now trapped by her love for Rochester Also in a class trapIn the exposition of Thornfield the setting and the mood come together There is a Gothic markerDefinition generic genre markers elements that hint to the presence of a themeMarkers that were common in this era ghosts frightening events a villain These markers appear in the opening exposition of the Thornfield sectionThe Gothic markers foreshadow dark events that are to comeJane refers to Thornfields attic as a corridor in some Bluebeards castle Referencing the Bluebeard fairytale directly foreshadows the events surrounding his marriage and his wife who is still living When Jane hears Rochester for the very first time she describes Pilot as a gytrash demonic dog creatureRochester is a romantic hero like a Byronic hero Sometimes described as a romantic hero Rochester however is not a handsome man Because of the Gothic elements there is a foreboding about him One minute he treats her as an equal The other minute he hectors her Rochester doesnt care what society thinks Carves his own path Is described as an antihero Breaks the mould of the romantic hero This character of the romantic heroantihero is used all over the place
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