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Charlotte Bronte and Jane Eyre

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University of Alberta
Alison Rukavina

Charlotte Bront 1847 Bront published Jane EyreIt was a resounding successJane Eyre sold in the thousandsCurier Bell was Bronts pennameCharlotte Bront published a biographical notice stating why she and her sisters used their pennames Stated that it was to evade being looked upon with prejudiceThey didn t want their novels to be rejected as the scribblings of ladies The critics of Jane Eyre said that the book could not have been written by a woman because it was so well writtenThese critics were sexistWhen the Bront sisters came out people didnt believe themThis is what they had to face when they published By the end of the 19th century women writers were taken a lot more seriouslyWhen Charlotte published she felt that using a penname was the only way that it could be written She didnt want the writing to be scrutinized because of the gender of the writerPeople thought that Jane Eyre was actually the story of Charlotte Bront for these reasons how could a woman write such agood book without it being based on real life paratexts the cover of the book the title page which says an autobiography The fact that the cover of the
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