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Meg Rosoff "How I Live Now"

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University of Alberta
Ruth Dyck Fehderau

WY[_[XXV[cbW[c S a__ SZc^ ` ZY `W^S^VWb UW c[aV[_[XXc^ `W Z` _cS XXW^WZ` S`W_\WSW^_ VZW__aZU[Z`^[WVZS`a^W[XU V^WZ ZS_\WU X UU[Z`W` Z S`WVVW bW^Sa`WZ` U ``[ ` VWZ` X W_`W_\WSW^S_S\S^` UaS^`\W[X _\WSW^È\W^_[Z "W___W\S^S`WVX^[ `WWbWZ`__WW [^W WV S`WSZV [^WSa`WZ` U %VWZ_WbW^ W`S\_ US`[aY `V[W_Z[`U[ WSU^[__S__aU WcS_ScSX^[ `W Z_` `a` [Z_"" Z_` `a` [Z_W\a`_S[X`W aZVW^ _[[ aU_U^a` ZWa_W_SbW^ZSUaS^`S` Z `_WX^W_ _`_`W Z_` `a` [Z[X `W^S`a^W &^_S V_ÊZVS ) _T[[ __U WZUWX U` [Z,` __W` Z[a^U[Z`W \[^S^ ` WSZVU[Z`W` _ _Z[`ScS^`S` _S\\WZ ZYTa` ` _ScS^`S`S\\WZ S`SZ [ WZ` S^` UaS^ Z^ `S ZcWS^WScS_ ZVSZYW^[XcS^T^WS ZY[a` &W" [Z`W `USZV`WS^V^[TW0STaZU[X V__WZ``[SU[aZ`^[a_W TWUSa_W[X`W`^WS`[XcS^W[a_W _13SZV`WSbW`W^aZ[X`W[a_W `WW\W^ WZUWSZVW\W^ WZ` Z`W[a_WSZV ZS^Z S) _`W` _\a`` ZYS [`[X\^W__a^W[Z`[ Z_` `a` [Z_cS` Z_` `a` [Z_S^WTW ZYS``SUWV S S^WS` [Z_ \_STa_ bWZWYWU`XaXS`W^SZV_`W\ [`W^ W ZUW_`a[a_^WS` [Z_ \T[^VW^_[Z[XXWZ_ bW aZ` WZZ _`WST_`^SU`[`W^c[ _^WSZ[` __WVT`WU V^WZ Z`W U[aZ`^W _`W[ZSVa``S` _Z[``^WS`WVc `S[`[X_a_\ U [Z V^WZ5_ ` V U`S`W_`S`U V^WZ a_`TW[a`_ VW[X`W ZXaWZUW[XSVa`_ S _[ VW^,_`^WS`WV [^WS_SV[YTa` _`W\^[`WU`[^`WcS`UV[Y U[[_&\YŶŵŸŻ)_`aVWZ`_bW^^S^WWS^ZSZ` ZY \[^`SZ` Z_U[[W Wc%[^_U[[5_WVaUS` [ZSS\\^[SUV[Z[`Y bW_`aVWZ`_\^SU` US`[[_X[^ _a^b bS[^ XW_ _ WV USX WV&\YŷŻŹŵźŻŵ>Ÿ)^ Z_V[Z5`U[aZ`[^US^W`W _`WZX[^ 1^?S W_[Z[cZYSZVcS_XSZ`S_` UTWUSa_W_WSVZ[W\[_a^W`[ V[U`[^[email protected]^WZ5``W^WWZ[aY`^[aTW_ Z`Wc[^Vc `[a`` _`[[AÊ_aYYW_` ZY `S`W^SZ[^W S _W^U[ UWÈXSa`B`[[aZU[ \ US`WVWcS_T^[aY``[`W [_\ `S_ \[a`[XU[ZbWZ WZUWX[^ SZ \aS` ZYSZVV _U \ Z ZYW^ Z[XcS`cS_SU`aSS\\WZ ZY Z`WT[[WUWU_ŵŻVWSVSZVVWUS ZY T[V W_`[X ZVW^XS WS_`W\[cW^`[[bW^U[ WVWS`Ta`W^XS`W^ _`W [ZWc[S_`W\[cW^`[U[Z`^[W^SZVW^ XW _ _STW ZYS V[a`X[^a_ TS`SZ`,Z`WTWY ZZ ZY_W _TW ZY\aZ _WVX[^W^^WXa_S`[SUUW\`Sa`[^ ` Z`WWZV_W _W T^SU ZYW^ST ``[X Y`TSU V[ZVV[W_Z[`V _\SSZU V _]aS ` W_1W _X ^_` Z`^[VaUWVV^ b ZY _ [ ZYSZVT^WS ZY`W^aW_[X`W^[SV1W _ Z`aZWc `ZS`a^[email protected]^WSV ZV_A1W _ST ``WW\S` U` _USZTW\^[TW S` U,` _ Z`W^W_` ZY`S`S _ ^WS W_` _SZV _Z[`U^WW\WV[a`T `WS__\WZ`W^SV[W_UWZ` XWTW ZY \^[VVWVSZV_`aV WVTV[U`[^_c _` _U^WW\1W _Z[`USZY ZY SZ` ZYW _Ea_`Ua^ [a_`[YW``[Z[cW^ STWWUSZ5`W\TW ZYS\S^`[X `WWZb ^[Z WZ`WUSZ5`W\ _`WZ ZY`[[`W^_1WUSZ5`W\Ta`TW Zb[bWVSZV Z`aZWc ` __a^^[aZV ZY_ _TWU[ W_S^WSSZV Z` S`WW [` [ZS U[ZZWU` [Z _ __ Y`W__U^WW\TWUSa_WS _ _SU` bWa_ ZY` _`WW\S` `[U[ aZ US`Wc ` ,` _VSZYW^[a_TWUSa_W_WU[ W_`[^W[Z` _ U[ZZWU` [Z&\YŵŻW _ SZ \aS` ZY`W\SZ`_1W _V _U \ Z ZYW _ `^ ZYSZVX[^U ZY`W `[^WXWU` _W\W^ WZUW__[W _S``WWZV W S _cS_S``WTWY ZZ ZY1W _` ZbW^aZVW^cW Y`W __WXSTa_ ZYW _ V _`^a_`XaSZVWW\ ZY\W[\WS`SV _`SZUW&ŵ> S_S _5_VWXWZ_W WUSZ _ _&SZ
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