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Jekyll and Hyde

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Alison Rukavina

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
representative of the worries and issues that were going on in the late
19th century
split personality: Jekyll is caught between two extremes of the person
there is a relationship between good and evil. Both are always present.
some critics give the novella a psychological reading (all of us has
monstrous desires)
Jekyll's desires are so strong that he must divorce them from himself
The novella shows the hypocrisy of the age. Forced people to split in two.
The Victorian period is focused on social hypocrisy
In the novella, the DANGERS of this hypocrisy are seen
What are his desires? Some say that Hyde represents addiction. Others
read Hyde as the most monstrous of monstrous desires
Hyde represents the ugly under belly of the Victorian society.
According to Dr. Rukavina, this is a novel inhabited by bachelors.
Narrator: Utterson has things to hide. He is addicted to alcohol
Lanyon is aware that Hyde and Jekyll are one in the same
Jekyll hides Hyde (see what she did there? Hide Hyde?)
The desires are so horrific to Jekyll that it leads to a split.
Novella=one of the early works of Detective Fiction
Novella=sort of a prototype mystery
This novel touches the zeitgeist of the period
The fear associated with la fin de siècle is what is related to the story
Jekyll= I kill? Isn't that a bit of a stretch? French+English = split? I don't
Jekyll and Hyde discussion questions
For my group=1,2
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