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Lord Byron info

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Alison Rukavina

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 the most famous Romantic poet
 believed in freedom
 fought for people's freedom
 brilliant poet
 believed in poetry
 believed that he was better than other
 Don Juan (16 Cantos) was very popular
 At this time, books were extremely expensive
 Why did they want to read his writing?
ƕ he was a brilliant writer
ƕ "Don Juan" = and epic xand a satire
ƕ a cult of personality developed around him
ƕ people were interested in both his poetry and his life
 His scandals were on the news sheets
 Stories about him would spread through the cities.
 Byron was a part of the aristocracy. Gossiped about at the highest circles
 Scandals
ƕ Byron was born with a club foot. Considered to be one of the most
handsome men born in his era
ƕ Believed to be bisexual
ƕ Had many affairs. e.g.: with Lady Caroline Lamb
ƒ least scandalous of all of these. Many people had affairs in this
ƕ Rumours of incest with half sister
ƕ Rumours of sodomy
ƒ Sodomy was illegal
 Don Juan=about a man who can't help himself but have affairs with women
 Poetry was almost autobiographical. Used his own life to write his poetry
 He was heralded as a rock star type figure
 Byron captivated the western mind.
 One of the most famous writers of the NINETEENTH CENTURY!!
 Influenced clothing styles. Anything that he wore was in fashion
 People cared about what he did.
 Byron IS Romanticism. Puts sexuality into play. He is the person who is
associated with Romanticism the most.
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