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History 110 September 20 2011 Chronology of Chinese Dynasties Shang 16001000 BCstone cities Chou 1000300 BCfeudalism Warring States 700300 BCthe philosophy of Confucius who is roughly a contemporary of Buddha Qin 300200 BCbuilt the great wall Han 202 BC200 ADlong distance trade great prosperity and expansion Six Dynasties 220589 AD Sui 581617 ADlost 3 campaigns against Korea Tang 618907 AD North Sung 9601127 AD South Sung 11271279 AD Philosophies The mandate of heavenif a dynasty fails it is seen by sages as a moral failure Dynastic Cycles Confucianism 551479 Although Confuciuss ideas were not readily accepted during his life time they became popular years later He was a low grade aristocrat with the family name Kung The analects are a collection of his sayings that were recorded by his followers His basic message was that people can be moulded and lifted by education and their superiors He argued for a wellordered society and claimed that ultimately people do not respond to coercion Bad government should be rejected even it threatens the short term social order He stressed the importance of looking to the past especially to the wisdom of the sage kings A good man knows his own faults Courtesy honesty integrity and humanity were tenets of his theory His goal was to serve the government and transmit ancient culture to new generations Instead of withdrawing from the world people should live in the here and now Its not enough to be good in yourself but you must share that goodness with others Hated traders Confucians 5 Constant Virtues 1 Human Heartedness jen 2 Righteousness yi 3 Propriety li 4 Wisdom chih 5 Sincerity hsin thNeoConfucianism 12 C A combination of various theories including Buddhism Daoism Buddhism came in along the Silk Road Nestorianism Zaroastrianism avestacontained many of the same stories as the biblevirgin birth good and evil god an devil good thoughts good words good deeds Manicheanism a synthesis of all known religions of the time distrusted Christianity because of their reliance on faith they were vegetarians and believed that the eating of animals unleashed demons inside of youThe Great Wall Qin was the poorest of the warring states They focused on military and agriculture Built lot of new infrastructure and roads as well as moved the capital to Sian More than 1000000 lives lost in the building of the wall Li ping commissioned the wall 3000 km long on average 20ft thick and 26ft tall It is NOT visible from spaceSui 581617 Yang Jian naked poet Sui Yangdi Capital Changan Project Grand Canal finished 610 AD extended 1400 miles not for transporting civilians only supplies the emperor was pulled in his dragon boat down the canal followed on land by his court Problems with Korea Toppled by General Li Yuan there was opposition to conscripted labour and foreign campaigns Tang 618907 Li Yuanknown as Qao Zu Tai Zongsuccessor the position of women improves widows can marry women can divorce civil service exams this was instituted over a thousand years before the British version school was accessible for all boys there were 3 tiers of exams after receiving the post renewal exams were required every 3 years The alternate method of attaining status was to become a eunuchincreased contact with the West Battle of Talas 751 ADclash with Islam equal land system each peasant received the same amount of land and was required to pay the same amount of taxes if they had more children they were given extra bits of land The land was required to be divided into different crops 20 days of service curvet was required from each peasant This was all done to decrease the power of the great land holdersspecial taxation peasants were grouped together to create accountability in communities access to new territory Tibet Census establishedonly counted men women and foreigners were excluded flying moneycredit system have first female EmperorEmpress Wu great technology changes
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