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Lecture 4

HIST260 Lecture 4: ThefurtradesocietyinNewFranceafter1663lecture4

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Ens Gerhard

The fur trade society in New France after 1663 1. The fur trade frontier 1663-1700 - Iroquois/French wars and the crisis of New France - Initially the iroquois have the upper hand because they know how to fight in the new world - Not fighting big battles instead small wars - When the French figure this out the war becomes anyone's to win - Eventually a peace is made in 1701 - Royal government and the arrival of troops - The Rebirth of the Fur Trade and the French move inland a. Protection of the troops - No one wanted to be the new middleman for the french fur trade - Changed dramatically how the French Crown will profit off the fur trade - They sell licenses to be able to trade furs in a specific location - Crown sends over large numbers of soldiers to defend the colony on the St. Lawrence - Start building inland posts to protect inland transportation - To make this worth while for the army they are given the right to trade furs as well - Merchants send their own men into the interior to collect furs - Military posts along the way act as safe houses b. Fixed beaver prices - Protected in indian country by living with friendly bands with whom they trade - Tremendously rapid expansion of the fur trade - The crown realizes that one of the things merchants need to invest is that there must be some guaranteed profit at the end of it - The crown guaranteed a price for furs in france c. Exploration and empire - By 1680s there are over 600 men wintering in canada annually - The crown decides they're going to try to diversify the population to stabilize a farming colony - Send ships of women called daughters of the king to marry french male settlers - Most French men wanted to make money so they wanted to find furs not farm but the crown wanted men to farm - By the 1670s/1680s the French takes the war to the Iroquois - By the 1690s the crown is losing money on beavers - Too many furs are coming in - The french monarchy decides to keep the price high even though they are losing money they see that there are imperial benefits - Right around this time is the war of the spanish succession 1701 - Charles the 2nd dies in 1700 the next in line is Philip the 5th - If Philip the 5th succeeds charles the 2nd France will be deeply allied with Spain - No solution but war between the bourbon and the hopsurs - French kept the
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