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University of Alberta
Eric Strikwerda

rd Febr 3 2014 Canada, 1896-1921 Overview Sir Wilfrid Laurier was the prime minister from 1896 to 1911 and was lucky enough tor be in charge during a transformative period which included the development of the western provinces. He was also big on finding what he called the ‘sunny way’ which was supposed to be the happy medium between two opposing force but usually resulted in those force being equally unhappy (the French and English interests). Immigration during this period was huge, almost 5 million people came to CND up until 1921, though 88% of CND was still French or English speaking. Internal migration was also shifting, more people were moving to Ontario and the west while many people in Qc and the Maritimes were leaving CND. In 1905 on September 1 Laurier brought Alberta and Saskatchewan into existence (hereafter AB and SK respectively). These new provinces were however to be ‘junior’ partners in confederation, which really just means that the federal government didn’t want them to have control over their own resources (mostly land, this was to avoid unruly settlement) and it was cited as being necessary for the Nations well-being. In 1930 AB and SK got these rights back and then 1947 oil was found in Leduc. The Naval Question and Free Trade The Naval Service Bill of 1910 was rather unpopular in the West and QC, they didn’t see the need for CND to have a navy but the Maritimes really need one. Up until this point CND had relied on Britain to secure its coast line, the compromise that Laurier made was that CND would make the ships for a navy and Britain would staff and run it for them. It was called the Tin Pot Navy (derogatory, first paragraph of Wiki site is accurate and the page provides addition information if curious, ) Robert Borden became PM in 1912 and he won this through his “ No truck nor trade with the Yankee” policy, which was in essence a promise to keep the tariff on American materials high so as to force CND farmers to buy expensive CND farm implements. Former PM Laurier had been trying to lower the tariffs to gain support in the prairies. Urbanization and Social Reform In this time period populations across CND rose tremendously. City Growth between 1901-21 Montréal X2 Toronto 150% Winnipeg Biggest city in West The Big Five Out West were Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon, all of which during this same time period grew large enough to have economic muscle. This rapid growth though left civil engineers scrambling trying to build enough infrastructure to support it. As a result there were several out breaks of disease due to poor living conditions. For example in one decade Edmonton grew from 3000 people to 72, 000 people. This emerging pattern of urban development, where people who had previously bought land and had sat on it, ended up as the elite of western cities when land became scarce and prices rose (think of PEI Land Issue). The myth that had attracted so many to the west, that frontier life wiped out class difference was just a story, and many people found that class realities were well cemented in society. The city of Strathcona was amalgamated into Edmonton in 1912. World War and the Fight to Preserve Democracy In 1913 there was nation wide economic uncertainty which was removed when war was declared as most men enlisted in the army and the remaining men and women had their pick of jobs, which resulted in almost full employment by 1915. This also allowed Big Labour to flex some muscle. This near full employment renewed the confidence of the working classes and lead to many employer complaints. Despite the improved situation workers grievances remained,
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