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Lecture 21

HIST285 Lecture 21: Lecture #21 - HIST 285 - Orientalism Continued

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Fall 2017

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Dr.Brian Gold

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o Ancient!Greeks!vs!the!Persians!
§ Xerxes!–!480!BCE’!
o Emperor!Augustus!vs!Egyptianized!Mark!Antony!
§ Cleopatra!–!died!30!BCE!
o Western!Church!vs!Eastern!Church!or!feudal!Western!Europe!(Crusaders)!vs!
§ ‘Byzantine’!!
§ W.E.H.!Lecky’s!History+of+European+Morals,!1869,!“Of!that!Byzantine!
o Christendom!/!West!vs.!Islam!/!Middle!East!
§ Crusaders!vs.!Islam,!11th-13th!centuries!!
§ Harems!–!18th!century!
§ Napoleonic!campaigns!in!Egypt!
§ Colonialism!–!‘Lawrence!of!Arabia’!
§ Present-day?!/!1979!Iranian!Revolution!
o Louis!XIV!patronage!of!Jesuits,!starts!of!“sinology”!
§ Arcadio!Huang!
o Four!elements!
§ Grace!and!delicacy!–!silk,!porcelain!
§ Sensuality!
§ Violence!and!barbarism!
§ Realm!of!melancholy!–!opium!(19th!century!sentimental!nostalgia)!
o Gustave!Flaubert!
§ Sentimental+Education,+1869!
o Pierre!Loti!!

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Orientalism o Ancient Greeks vs the Persians Xerxes 480 BCE o Emperor Augustus vs Egyptianized Mark Antony Cleopatra died 30 BCE o Western Church vs Eastern Church or feudal Western Europe (Crusaders) vs Byzantium Byzantine 4.a of, relating to, or characterized by a devious and usually surreptious manner of operation < a byzantine power struggle > 4.b. intricately involved: < rules of byzantine complexity > W.E.H. Leckys History of European Morals, 1869, Of that Byzantine Empire the universal verdict of history is that it constitutes, without a single exception, the most thoroughly base and despicable form that civilisation has yet assumed There has been no other enduring civilisation so destitute of all the forms and elements of greatness. Its vices were the vices of men who had ceased to be brave without learning to be virtuous. Slaves, and willing slaves, in both their actions and their thoughts, immersed in sensuality and in the most frivolous pleasures, the people only emerged from their listlessness when some theological subtlety, or some chivalry in the chariot, stimulated them to frantic riots The history of the Empire is a monotonous story of the intrigues of priests, eunuchs and women, of poisonings, of conspiracies, of uniform ingratitude, of perpetual fratricides. o Christendom / West vs. Islam / Middle East Crusaders vs. Islam, 11th-13th centuries Harems 18th century Napoleonic campaigns in Egypt Colonialism Lawrence of Arabia Present-day? / 1979 Iranian Revolution China Exotic France o Louis XIV patronage of Jesuits, starts of sinology Arcadio Huang o Four elements Grace and delicacy silk, porcelain Sensuality Violence and barbarism th Realm of melancholy opium (19 century sentimental nostalgia) o Gustave Flaubert Sentimental Education, 1869 French romance, Chinoiserie (french) background o Pierre Loti
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