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Lecture 17

HIST285 Lecture 17: Lecture #17 - HIST 285 - Legacy

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Dr.Brian Gold

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Legacy Perceptions of Christianity; Karl Marx, MarxistLeninistMaoist Framework Internalized Eurocentrism Contemporary Chinese Nationalism Karl Marx Hegelian dialectical turned materialist SOCIALISM: Coined in 1820s by French thinkers and circles o Karl Marx socialism writing in 1900s Science of economics Finds followers later in the century Vladimir Lenin causes Revolution (revolutionary socialism) in 1917 IMPORTANT DUE TO THE IMMENSE INFLUENCE HE HAS FOR MOST OF THE 20 CENTURY Interested in the Taiping Rebellion (sees it as a revolution) Only for a bit though Also, interested in the US Civil War Very interested in Hegel Working with the idea of A UNIVERSAL HUMAN NATURE (just like Adam Smith would believe) o Hegel + Marx = understanding of human affairs can be made as a science (like Newton with physical sciences) SOCIAL SCIENCES o Marxism is associated with Communism It has the secret of history (THIS WILL HAPPEN) Eurocentrism: Were on the path of progress and modernity and everyone will follow this path Great confidence = THIS IS THE WAY! Read as much as he can about China but only know as much as the Westerners MATERIAL CONDITION IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DRIVER OF HISTORY o Ideas mean NOTHING o Everything you know about the world, your history, everything is a PRODUCT OF YOUR ECONOMICS Material = food, housing, machines and tools you use They create YOU, YOU DONT CREATE THEM (you cant anyways) PRODUCT OF YOUR CLASS o The material conditions really affect us more than we realize HISTORYTECHNOLOGY o Social impact? o Conservatism dates to French Revolution Hegel Dialectics Thesis Counter thesis Resolution (synthesis of those two ideas)
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