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Lecture 23

HIST285 Lecture 23: Lecture #23 - HIST 285 - Maoist China

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Fall 2017

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Dr.Brian Gold

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o Vladimir!Lenin'
§ 1917!Soviet!Revolution'
§ Radicalized!by!WESTERN'IMPERALISM!(China)'
§ Class'struggle'
§ Revolutionary!'
o Need!them!to!take!over!before!achieving!true!Communism!'
§ Because!they’re!fed!up!over!with!capitalism!'
o “Imperialism,!the!Highest!Stage!of!Capitalism”,!1917'
o Chiang'Kai-Shek'
§ America!multi-party!democracy,!capitalist,!Protestantism'
§ However,!needed!a!one-party'rule'
§ His'son'brings'Taiwan'to'the'multi-party'democracy'
o Josef!Stalin,!late!1920s!–!1953'
§ Autocrat!dictator!of!Soviet!Union!'
o Totalitarianism,!centralized!control!of!the!economy!(5!year!plans),!cult!of!
§ Late!1930s!terrorized!their!own!people'
§ Holodomor;!total!death!toll!40-60!million'
o Mao!loved!Stalin,!showed!worldwide!revolution!'
o Everybody!leaving!in!fear,!people!just!died!even!when!you!retired'
o Believed!in!the!communion!system!'
o De-Stalinization'
§ Mao'didn’t'like'this,'worshipped'Stalin'
o ‘Secret!speech’,!1956'
o Suppression!of!Hungary'
o Cold!War'
o Third!World!'
§ Cuba'

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Maoist China Overview Soviet Union th [late 19 century split between gradualists (democratic socialists, trade unionism) and revolutionary socialism] Marxist-Leninism o Vladimir Lenin 1917 Soviet Revolution Huge fan of Marxism How will this work? Russia is a backwards place Radicalized by WESTERN IMPERALISM (China) Class struggle Revolutionary Vanguard party: Not mass party, party of professional revolutionaries Dictatorship of the proletariat o Need them to take over before achieving true Communism Because theyre fed up over with capitalism o Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1917 o Chiang Kai-Shek America multi-party democracy, capitalist, Protestantism However, needed a one-party rule Against Marxism and Leninism His son brings Taiwan to the multi-party democracy Stalinism o Josef Stalin, late 1920s 1953 Autocrat dictator of Soviet Union o Totalitarianism, centralized control of the economy (5 year plans), cult of personality, purges (late 1930s), Soviet Union as WWII victor Late 1930s terrorized their own people Holodomor; total death toll 40-60 million o Mao loved Stalin, showed worldwide revolution o Everybody leaving in fear, people just died even when you retired Nikita Khrushchev, 1953 1964 o Believed in the communion system o De-Stalinization Mao didnt like this, worshipped Stalin o Secret speech, 1956 o Suppression of Hungary Years of Stagnation to 1991 o Cold War o Third World Cuba
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