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Lecture 22

HIST285 Lecture 22: Lecture #22 - HIST 285 - Nationalist China

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Fall 2017

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Dr.Brian Gold

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o Red!Star!China!
o Meets!Nixon!!
o 1916,!declares!himself!Emperor,!then!dies!
o China!descends!into!the!,"-'%-.)/0-$%.!!
§ 1"&2()#"30)%40-)*+$&"!
;<;<===>;<;[email protected];<A;BC!9"D)E#+)F10&0-"#$%&G).0H%&(#-"#$%&)$&)I0$J$&2)"2"$&(#!
o !05)*K'#K-0)9%40H0&#)!
§ New!generation!of!Chinese!
o Everything!is!,8L!1!about!it!!
o Mao!Zedong!is!part!of!it!!
o M&N$0&#)*+$&")#-".$#$%&)$(),8L!1!
o ,0(#0-&)"-0)RK0(#$%&$&2),0(#0-&)#-".$#$%&(!
o *+$&0(0)"-0)RK0(#$%&$&2)*+$&0(0)#-".$#$%&(!
o ST:TUUV:TL!797!6!
o Sun!Yat-sen!(Sun!Zhangshen)!!
o *+$"&2)W"$@:+03))
§ ;<A?)[);<A\:!Northern!Expedition)
§ Never!as!coherently!run!as!the!CCP!(which!Mao!had!more!control!over))
§ ;<A]C!Slaughters!all!the!Communists,!even!though!if!he!had!an!alliance!)
§ /-%#0(#"&#)"&.)#+0)MH0-$N"&)5"D)%Z)'$Z0))
o Preparing!for!the!nice!and!peaceful!Nationalist!China!)
§ ;<^;C!Japan!invades!Manchuria)
§ ;<^])[);<E?C!Communists!and!Nationalists!working!together!under!the!
o Japanese!takes!over!and!commits!genocides)

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Nationalist China Mme. Chiang Kai-Shek Maoist China o Red Star China o Meets Nixon Yuan Shikai o 1916, declares himself Emperor, then dies o China descends into the Warlord Period Gangs take over China US should not be confused with the West Need to know TERMS th 1919***[1915-1921]: May 4 (Generation) demonstration in Beijing against o New Culture Movement New generation of Chinese Come up with new literature and vernacular Chinese Totally abandoning old Chinese and East Asian traditions o Everything is WRONG about it Anarchism, Feminism, Socialism, Racial Theory, Communism o Mao Zedong is part of it o Ancient China tradition is WRONG 1920s (West): WWI we are at top of the world o Western are questioning Western traditions o Chinese are questioning Chinese traditions o DISILLUSIONEMENT 1911 Revolution 1949 Nationalists (Kuomintang or ROC [Republic of China]) o Sun Yat-sen (Sun Zhangshen) o Chiang Kai-Shek 1925 1928: Northern Expedition Defeats warlords and gets some of them to join him Never as coherently run as the CCP (which Mao had more control over) 1927: Slaughters all the Communists, even though if he had an alliance Protestant and the American way of life Would say that in 1945 o Preparing for the nice and peaceful Nationalist China But when 1949 comes around and shocks America with Maos wing, now theyre under the rule of Stalin and the Soviets (Cold War) 1931: Japan invades Manchuria 1937 1945: Communists and Nationalists working together under the United Front 1937: Nanjing Massacre o Japanese takes over and commits genocides o Four big families of the ROC Chiang Sons and successors Soong Kung Chen PROTESTANT, AMERICAN, MODERN o THAT IS APPEALING VS. Chinese Communist Party (CCP): Mao Zedong o 1949: Peoples Republic of China Two official states, China is NOT DIVIDED 1949 When Chiang Kai-shek lost, fled to Taiwan, still named Republic of China and still claim the whole of China Agree that there is ONE CHINA (as does USA and Canada) Mme. Chiang o Why are you still helping Japan? o J
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