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Lecture 10

HE ED110 Lecture 10: Content Week 9

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Health Education
HE ED110
Angela Bayduza

S/1りin , PM)l(al-ACtivity try bodify. Iof mend . pya Med ny-weeat movement that nu HLA eneray - exeen drture c.9,-walking todas A10MtNinut-hrqhーttet of activlty felou led EX(ercoe / wb)ef of thiyal-artYH4-Ahoto-tanned-and-repetrfn thal-Hnal detewnaNe and. l鱼trovement or ThatMenanre bt Phylilal tfhey eg. 30min o츠 treadint capacng or-axi o4 (deac,ffn_tnot. Mope. Want to acheve notabbit-beng tHir nat fH → yoo-detemrnetnot -on-youskif Beneat,of thiwal ACMyILY: ー-controll-heig ht Kduey roK of dileans, didbetest-and-some-laMen. ffYCNHey bon() t muse Improves-Mental-Math-t-mood. atan-ential-Mint享-ho iden nes ー5-ll years : ean 60-mini-of-madekate 40 Vignous. Inteme-onneal actiklty. /daty (3 day) a Mrk vigouras artYH4 f 3 da4L a MeK! bone 1 mucte). 12e11 years kt earf 60 mrm-ol-madeek to vigorov.nent phis tal activ-y _dally-L3 days-a-MOK-wAutaladMy f 3 daylauce【-bone f nuke) laab4 Nean: At lean 150mins-ve-modeute-to vigorou-aerobi( phyM . activity KLMOk, in bolt of OLino L (add nuLe t bone 21 a Met) lureL一之in bohl el- to enn)-or-menc. (add-nuxfff, bone.2x_aMfkt biligne) S / 1 り in , PM ) l ( al - ACtivity try bodify . Iof mend . pya Med ny -
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