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Lecture 16

HECOL268 Lecture 16: Lesson 16

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Human Ecology
Anne Burke

Chap 16 THE TWENTIES 1920-1929 1920s important events - The rise of the extreme right: fashion occur in Italy, black shirts, inspirational to Adolph Hitler - Commercial broadcasting to the public on the radio: influence population, communication device - POST WAR EXUBERANCE: people are happy to be alive, wealth and excess, value of dollars increase, change in lifestyle and education, women are able to go to school and go outside of the house - New fabrics came into use: rayon & acetate (issue with dying before 1920, made with cellulose) - Period of unequalled prosperity from 1923- 1927: chain in stores, installment buying for sewing machine, talking picture 1927, boom in higher education, passenger air travel begins at the end of decade - Consumers goods leading the sales charts: automobiles, radio, rayon replace silk, cigarettes, refrigerators, telephone, cosmetics, electric devices in huge quantities, influence of movies on fashion - The stock market crash of 1929 ushered in the Great depression, speculative bloom, people borrow money to buy stuffs - ART, dadaism (1916-1930): European movement, result of WWI reflection, Bauhaus (1919-1933): steal bins, accentued the aesthetic, lot of buildings are built, Art Deco (1925-1930): mass populist movement, bold color, long and narrow. - Jazz music is the rage, improvisation Revolution in morality Radical styles change for young women called flappers who aimed to be free from all restraints th (smoking, dancing, kissing, drinking, show her leg and shoulder, short hair from 18 century revolutionary, wear trousers. It became socially acceptable to wear makeup, cut their hair short, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. Sports Women take part in active sports, sportswear: type of clothes worn for leisure time but not dedicated to one particular sport. Swimwear:
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