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Immunology and Infection
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LECTURE 5ANTIBODY STRUCTURE AND FUNCTIONAfter studying lecture 5 you should be familiar with the following concepts1 Lymphocyte clones Each nave B and T cell expresses its own unique BCR or TCR Each BCR and TCR has a unique antigen specificity Activated B or T cells expand clonally that is they produce a population of lymphocytes that are identical to the parental lymphocytes This means that a novel antigen drives the expansion of a clonal population of lymphocytes with receptors specific for the antigen2 B cells and B cell activation B cells arise from bone marrow stem cells During development in the bone marrow B cells commence expression of their BCR Cells that successfully express a BCR exit the bone marrow and enter circulation where they search for antigens B cell antigens are threedimensional extracellular molecules Detection of antigen in combination with a second signal causes the secretion of a soluble form of the BCRthe antibody3 Antibody structure The core antibody structure consists of two identical light chains and two identical heavy chains that are held together through a series of disulfide bridges Light chains contain a variable domain and a constant domain Heavy chains contain a variable domain and at least three constant domains The combined variable regions from the light and heavy chain bind antigen The
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