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LING 101 (09/16/13) Phonetics

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Timothy Mills

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LING 101 (September 16, 2013) Phonetics Phonetics – physical side of speech *** Fun Facts: ***  First modern human arose around 200000 years ago.  First evidence of written text around 5500 years ago  Numbers appeared about 12000 years ago. *************** Speech  Learned automatically  2-3 years old is the age at which fluency is usually obtained in a language  Primary complex form of communication Writing  Requires teaching  Basic writing skills arise at around age 5 3 Types of Phonetics 1. Articulatory (physical mechanisms for speech production) 2. Acoustic (physical properties of said sound) 3. Auditory (how we hear and translate speech sounds into meaning) Silent Letter Example:  Bread  Debt  Autumn  Psalm Because of silent letters, the alphabet on its own is not useful in imparting universal phonetic sounds. We need special characters on top of some of the alphabet to give phonetic sounds written equivalents. (articulatory description)  The sounds described in phonetics are those in the human language  Sounds are made through articulatory phonetics  Some sounds are made nasally, others are not  Pharynx r
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