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Lecture 6

MARK301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Ijustine, Subculture, Costco

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Utku Akkoc

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Marketing 301 Notes
Chapter 6
Consumer Behavior
-individuals and households buying goods and services
-consumer behavior isn’t just limited to the purchase transaction
-consumer behavior begins long before the purchase and lasts long after
Goal of Consumer Market
-creating marketing programs which trigger desired behavior
Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior
Cultural Factors
-Culture: basic trigger of wants and behavior
-deeply entrenched but can change
-Subculture: shared value system within groups
-shared common life experiences
-ex. Regional, founding nations, ethnic, mature consumers
-Social Class: division primarily based on socio-economic status
-combination of occupation, income, education, wealth and other variables
Social Factors
-Reference Groups: membership and aspirational groups vary in how they influence consumer
-Membership Groups: group that you are currently a member in
-Aspirational Groups: group that you ASPIRE to be part of
-can heavily influence consumer behavior
-strongest influence on goods consumed in public (ex. Phones, clothing)
-Family: household “power-brokers” influence buying behavior
-Roles and Status
-Roles: expected acitivities (ex. Going to work everyday)
-different roles have different expectations (ex. A mom at home, but an employee at work)
-Status: esteem given to a role by society
-certain occupations are more esteemed (ex. Doctor, lawyer)
Reference Groups
-Word of Mouth Influence: more credible source of info than marketing communications
-Opinion Leaders: highly influential due to their special skills, know-how, persona
-possess expertise product knowledge
-ex. iJustine, Eric the Car Guy
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