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Lecture 12

MARK301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Integrated Marketing Communications, Ebates, Narrowcasting

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Utku Akkoc

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Chapter 12
Promotion Mix
-tools used to persuasively communicate customer value and build customer relationships
-composed of advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and direct
Communication is Changing
-shift towards becoming more digital
-consumers are empowered (more knowledgeable and have more negotiating power)
-moving away from mass marketing towards narrowcasting (customized communications)
Integrated Marketing Communications
-integration of communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message
about the company and its product
-blending promotional tools
-requires efforts at every possible touchpoint
Advertising Pros and Cons
-low cost per exposure
-repeats the message many times
-creates consumer trust (if you advertise with the right people)
-dramatizes the message
-one way communication (impersonal)
-costs may be high for certain media types
-ex. TV superbowl ads are very costly for a short amount of airtime
Personal Selling Pros and Cons
-communicates personally (two-ways)
-builds preferences
-allows for relationship building
-long-term commitment to sales force
-most expensive promotional tool
Sales Promotions Pros and Cons
-wide assortment of tools (coupons, ebates, contests, seasonal sales events)
-attracts consumer attention
-strong incentive to purchase
-quick consumer response (why sales are only for a limited time)
-effects are short-lived
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-not effective in building long-term brand preference or customer relationships
-when sales promotions are too frequent hurt the brand’s image
Public Relations Pros and Cons
-legitimizes credibility (very believable)
-reaches people who resist advertising
-seen by the audience as “news” not advertising
-expensive to hire a PR firm
-no guarantee for PR success
Direct Marketing Pros and Cons
-communicates more directly with targeted customers
-tailors message to the consumer
-creates interactivity
-can be specifically measured
-you’re able to track consumer purchases and make recommendations (ex. email)
-often perceived as junkmail or spam
Push Vs. Pull Promotion Strategy
-Push Strategy
-goes through retailers and wholesalers to get to consumers
-uses sales force, personal selling, advertising and sales promotion
-Pull Strategy
-start with creating consumer demand for the product
-expect that retailers will also demand the product due to consumer demand
-target consumers directly
Advertising Involves
-setting advertising objectives
-setting the advertising budget
-developing an advertising strategy
-evaluating advertising campaigns
Advertising Objectives
-a specific communication task to be accomplished with a specific target audience during a
specific period of time
-need to know who your target audience is
-what is your time frame?
-main objective: build relationships by communicating value
Informative Advertising
-communicating customer value
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